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Sinds 1957 aanspreker in

Art 'n Music - Food & Drinks

Organisatie * Produktie * Promotie * Service


 Zelfomschrijving : 

Flexibel * Organisator-Controller * MiXXed-up * Pigheaded

Powered By GiG and BitterLemon met een rietje!

GiG - Musicmediary

* * *


by Saskia Laroo since 2010

* * *

Heet Op De Tong

ism. Urban Cacao Amsterdam sinds 2015

* * *


since 1991


Eileen Rose and The Hole Wreck * At Our Tables 2009 gigs

[oa. amsterdam, leiden, delft, amsterdam]

the Platinum Diamond Rings * the PDR Shows 2008

[oa. amsterdam, haarlem, schiedam, amsterdam]

Emma Black * Solo & Trio gigs 2008

[oa. amsterdam, haarlem, amsterdam, ruigoord]

P-A-U-L * The Blistering Acoustic & Solo Blues Rock gigs 2008

[oa. enschede, ruigoord, ijmuiden, amsterdam,

haarlem, vlaardingen, amsterdam]

Mike Gunther and his Restless Souls * Giggin'Cycling Tour 2007

[oa. amsterdam 3x , haarlem, leiden,

edam, utrecht en hilversum]

Eileen Rose and The Holy Wreck * the 2006 amsterdam gigs

[oa. maloe melo, paradiso, hoopman pub]


MALOE MELO Home of the Blues and More

The Iamsterdam Sideburns Night


[Bex Marshall (uk), The Hendrix Alive project (nl)]

production radio-AmsterdamFM

bookings-musicmediary KHL Lokaal, amsterdam

[oa. Diana Winter (it), Steve Waitt (usa), Kirsten Michel (nl),

Philip Kroonenberg/FreeLanceBand (nl),

the Woodwards (nl/usa), RJ Stips (nl)]

tributeconcerts MELKWEG, amsterdam

[steve ray vaughan * bon scott-ac/dc]

KENNY BOGAN "In Colours" cd-release

@ Cafe Hoopman - Leidseplein - Amsterdam

ROCKPALACE event, amsterdam

[sleeze beez live @ the marcanti hall]

' t Cafe BLACK & WHITE, amsterdam


RONDOR MUSIC Inc. usa/amsterdam


[thunder, ian moore, sas jordan]

3WF, amsterdam


EPS, lichtenvoorde/amsterdam

[def leppard]

W&O productions, den haag

backstage & stage security

[northseajazz * parkpop]

DUCOS productions

artist service/stage production oa.

blues [koninginnenach * riverside]

multiculturele events [dunya * ha-sch-ba]


IN/OUT promotions oa.

arrow rock radio, bk boots uk, virgin/emi records

black booster power drinks, diamond vodka



aanspreekpunt poppodia/platenmaatschappijen

voor de nederlandse editie van het gratis belgische muziekblad


uitgever plus&plus van het gratis

nederpop & muziekmagazine



2 years+ live-crew-member


focus showequipment amsterdam





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